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Lauren Curtis Confidence Video!

annamazing Mar 27, 2014

I just love it when beauty guru's on youtube dont just make their typical beauty videos but go out of their way to talk about confidence and positive videos. I just love Lauren's because her message was just so simple and straight to the point. She didnt need to elaborate it too was just so honest, and her loving genuine personality just makes it even better. I just had to share her way of giving the message about confidence. She is just so amazing...her video was all about embracing being different and feeling confident in the person that you are.<3 


Lily Collins Flawless Makeup

annamazing Mar 25, 2014

If you either have fair skin or thick massive gorgeous eyebrows a Lily Collin inspired makeup look is perfect for you. I know for me having thick eyebrows almost all my is hard to find a tutorial that fits well with my eyebrows look. This inspired makeup tutorial that I found on YouTube is simple way to incorporate Lily Collins famolook. And it does help having natural thick eyebrows...flaunt your eyebrow game with this inspired look! I love the look & think this girly did an amazing job with applying her natural look to Lily's flawless makeup 

The Midi Haircut :Selena Gomez VS Kylie Jenner

annamazing Feb 28, 2014

Since Spring is getting so much closer I have been seeing many celebs rocking their midlength hair. Kylie Jenner for the longest time always wore her hair long but ever since she got her mid length haircut I have been loving it. It really does go with her stlye. Sometimes mid length hair can be annoying especially when you are trying to grow out your hair and just maybe always wanted long hair. But I love how she embraces having shorter locks because not everyone can have that gorgeous long hair. Of course extentions can always help. But i feel with spring and hot weather coming closer we just want to leave our hair natural sometimes. Also lately Ive been seeing Selena Gomez rocking her shorter mid length hair. She is another celeb that always has fab hair. She has such thick and natural locks I love short hair on her as well! I think Kylie really does put an edge to her mid length hair but Selena makes it sweet and innocent. I really cant decide which mid length I like better..they both have gorgeous mid length locks..;)xx 

Love for Miley Cyrus: In my Miley Shirt!

annamazing Feb 26, 2014

Last Monday night I got to see Miley live at her Bangerz tour in Oakland...and Omg was it amazing. I really didnt want it to of the night i will always remember. She is really so entertaining and amazing!! I still cant get over it & i am so in love with my new Miley Tshirt that I got at the concert. It is so comfy and oversized haha its already one of my favorite t shirts :)xxx 

Demi Lovato Pink or Blue Hair

annamazing Feb 19, 2014

Just when I started to fall in love with Demi Lovato's electric blue hair...she decides to switch it up and dye it Pink just when her neon lights tour took off. I have always been a huge fan of Pink hair so of course when I found out she dyed it this color i was hooked!! The color on her is just so perfect. Is there a color that Demi cannot pull off? I am now conviced that she looks good in every color haha. But what do you think of her newest pink hair? Do you miss the electric blue hair on Demi? I just really hope the Pink stays for a while because I cannot get over it! :)xxxx 

Girly and Pink Makeup for Valentines Day

annamazing Feb 13, 2014

Today is the last day for us girlies to prepare for our look for valentines day. If you are not into going all out with the red & sexy look for valentines...go for the more casual pink and girly look for this special day. To me it looks so effortless and how could you not love the color pink. It is super girly and feminine. It is right up my alley haha i could wear the look everyday if I really wanted to hehe. But it is also another reason to wear my favorite pink lipsticks :)xx 


Kim Kardashian Makeup Inspo

annamazing Feb 12, 2014

Throughout the years we have seen Kim Kardashian countless time with her famous flawless makeup looks ;)xx I gotta say her makeup artists are so talented because they make her look like a doll everytime! Everytime I see her makeup I get so excited it just inspires me to wanna play with my makeup. Thanks to youtube makeup tutorials I can see step by step the teqnique to getting flawless makeup just like Kim Kardashian. There are thousands of inspired Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials but here are a few of my favorites that have also helped me learn the teqnique. Its really amazing to see what makeup really shows how makeup is such an art. It really shows that Kims makeup never gets old haha she now has her signiture look;)xx 


Also heres one of her makeup artists doing her makeup a while back lol & explaining along with Kim how her makeup is put together ;)xx Love this! 

Dark Berry Lips For Valentines Day

annamazing Feb 10, 2014

Dark berry lips seemed to be the lipstick trend this winter. I love how it is vampy yet very romantic & yes perfect for this coming Valentines which is in a few days lol ;p. Anyone can do the traditional bright red lips but this year change it up a little. The dark berry lip looks very may have seen it worn on many celebrities. But you too can rock the look while it is still in season. Wear it before it is too late to wear dark lips because when it hits spring its all about the ligher pastel least for me ;p 


what do you think of this lipstick trend?


will you be wearing it this valentines?


Long VS short ombre hair: Kylie Jenner

annamazing Feb 03, 2014

Kylie Jenner is definetely known for changing up her hairstyle & everytime she gets a new do Im in love with it. She recently not only cut off her long locks but also spoted having ombre hair. And I gotta say I love the short ombre...its definetely an hair trend that I think is gunna go around. haha. Its just so effortless and fresh looking. And it is the perfect length...I am so over the bob haircut that keeps trending...but this one I love especially on her...its suits her so well :)x I also really loved when she had her long ombre hair...but the short ombre really wins it for me, with spring coming up I think its a great look for the season;) what do you think of it? do you like the short or long ombre hair? 


Beauty Blogger Fashion Inspo

annamazing Dec 12, 2013

Lauren Curtis is probably one of my most raved beauty guru on youtube. But her stunning makeup looks arent the only thing thats amazing. This woman has such effortless style. She always puts together something so simple & makes it look chic and stylish. Her outfit variations are just amazing. I love looking at her style for inspiration. Check her youtube vids under her user name Laurenbeautyy. She is such a lovely person...kinda wish i could befriend her haha. :)x 


What do you think of Laurens looks? :) xx

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